Let me tell you my sugary secrets…

4:11 pm


I had the pleasure of meeting Diane from DD’s Macarons a few weeks ago. I could hardly contain my excitement when I practically skipped back to my desk at work to dig in to what is clearly the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I knew that if these macarons were half as delicious as Diane was adorable, I was in for a treat.

If you bring anything to my attention that incorporates sugary child-flavored cereal, I am in. I am pretty much a 7 year old stuck in the body of a 33 year old. When I stumbled upon DD’s macarons, all I could think of was Fruity Pebble and Cinnamon Toast Crunch macarons. Does the world really need anything else?  Just park me in front of some Saturday Morning Cartoons with a box of these beauties, and I am set. You won’t hear a peep out of me. That is until my box is empty.

What I love about DD’s macarons were the plethora of flavors. We have traditional and whimsical. Your standard chocolate or lemon, of course. Want something a little more unique, have a cookie butter or a strawberry lemonade.

I was lucky enough to sample quite the variety of flavors. Red velvet, Fruity Pebbles, PBJ, Cookie Butter, white chocolate, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


It’s pretty clear how I feel about the cereal flavors, but let the record show that everything was pretty spectacular. The Cooke Butter was another favorite. And this whole time I thought the Speculoos cookies were the perfect vessel for Cookie Butter. Turns out, it is a meringue shell. The PBJ brought back some childhood memories. The best part is, no crust to cut off.

What I am about to tell you next is going to shock you, so you might want to sit down. Seriously though. Are you sitting yet? DD’s Macarons are only $12 for a box of a dozen (With two flavors). Yes, that means you are looking at a meager $1.00 a macaron. Speaking as someone who is used to paying at the very least $2.00 a piece, this is better than winning the lotto.  My husband jokes that I need a macaron category in our budget like one budgets groceries and gas. So, to find macarons that are reasonable, but at the same time, completely spectacular makes me remember why I started this blog in the first place.

Currently, DD’s Macarons are available for pickup in Plano. You can place your order on the website.  You’re going to have a hard time narrowing down your flavor choices. So, do what any logical person would do; order a few dozen! After all,  you can get two dozen macarons for the cost of the dozen you would get at most other places. Seems like the only logical choice.  I mean, I wouldn’t want you to have to choose between Nutella and Chocolate Peanut Butter. What kind of friend would I be?

11:49 pm


Macarons are like a significant other. They can be a source of joy and love, then what seems like 5 minutes later, frustration and annoyance.

Every time I pick up a box of macarons from some place new, my worst fear is that they might be stale. Anyone who loves macarons knows that they have the life span of a fly. I prefer to enjoy mine within 24 hours of being purchased, or freezing them right away.

Let’s be honest, macarons are expensive. You can easily spend $25 (and that is on the cheap side) for a box of a dozen. The last thing you want is to bite into a macaron that has FAR exceeded its shelf life.

I am quite a control freak when it comes to my macarons. I prefer to get them into an airtight container right away. As cute as the little boxes are that they come in, chances are they not air tight. I have been known to carry a freezer bag or two in my purse for just this occasion.

So, needless to say, when I received my order from Sucre Sucre, I actually got a little teary eyed when I noticed my box of macarons came sealed in plastic. Such a relief that someone gets it! I cringe when I walk into a patisserie and see rows and rows of macarons just sitting there. Sure, places like Chantal Guillon or Ladurée do that, but they also have a line out the door most of the time, and I usually see a constant shuffle of fresh macs from the kitchen.

When you’ve tasted some of the best macarons our country (and outside of) have to offer, you expect quality. And as a baker, you would think that they want to represent their brand with the best quality possible.

So, by now, I know you can assume that these macarons were the pinnacle of freshness. But lets also talk about the flavor. Right now Sucre Sucre offers different flavors every month, with their standard staples, like Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, Passion Fruit, and Salted Caramel. Since, it was January, my flavors included: Dark Chocolate, Citrus, Salted Caramel, Mocha, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, and Pistachio.


Always a lover of salted caramel anything, this was probably my favorite. Gooey caramel is always a win in my book. But when you add to it a macaron shell that tastes like it was just done resting and ready for consumption, it isn’t just a winner, but deserving of a gold medal.

The citrus was probably my second favorite. It was very tart. I found myself trying to pick out all of the fruits that could possibly have given their lives to make such a perfect flavor. This would be a macaron I could find myself on a porch swing enjoying in the summer, in lieu of lemonade.

Sucre Sucre delivers all over DFW. Shipping is also available if you prefer to give the gift of sugar. Hint- I always prefer pastry over any other gift. Shoes, jewlery? Give me sweets any day! Valentine’s Day is coming up, send your mother a box of macarons instead of those boring flowers that will be dead in a day.

3:49 pm

1921 Preston Road Ste 2004
Plano, Texas 75093

Bread pudding and cupcakes. Two things I love under one roof. This has to be a good thing, yes?

After having fasted for what felt like a million years for a doctor appointment, I figured it only made sense to finally stop by the newly opened Sweet Arleene’s in Plano and treat myself to a cupcake and a bread pudding, or 4.

Sweet Arleen’s sells cupcakes of the more rotund variety, and personal bread puddings in a sweet and savory variety.

Forever indecisive, I selected a couple of sweet, and a couple of savory bread puddings, as well as 4 cupcakes.

For the cupcakes, I selected Lemon Lace, Strawberry Cream, Salted Caramel Brownie, and a Pumpkin Toffee.

Sweet Arleens1

(Top Left to Right: Salted Caramel Brownie, Strawberry Cream)

Bottom Left to Right: Lemon Lace, Pumpkin Toffee)

To say the cupcakes were a let down was an understatement. The frosting all but slid right off the cupcakes. (I must note that I bought these and went straight home with them. They did not sit in my car for any length of time. They actually looked like this in the case.) So, you have runny frosting, over a pretty dense cake. There were a couple of good points. The Salted Caramel Brownie cupcake had a delicious brown sugar filling, and the flavor of the spiced salted buttercream was delicious, but it left that shortening slimy flavor in my mouth, as did the others.

My personal opinion is that they need to use more real butter and powdered sugar, and not overbeat the frosting. The cupcakes are dense, but not in a bad way. They just need frosting that can stand up to the cake, not cower in the corner of the cupcake box.

Now, let’s move on to the good, shall we? The bread puddings were nothing short of divine. Each bread pudding comes with it’s own sauce. Who doesn’t love big scoop of bread pudding drowning in a warm caramel sauce? Personally, I would have it any other way. Now, I had a really hard time selecting two sweet bread puddings. I really wanted them all, but at $5.50 each, I had to remind myself that I sadly only have one stomach. I decided to go for two flavors that I had never before had in bread pudding form, white chocolate blueberry with a vanilla bean sauce, and a pumpkin bread pudding with a caramelized brown sugar sauce.

Sweet Arleens 2

(Left: White Chocolate Blueberry Bread Pudding with a Vanilla Bean sauce

Right: Pumpkin Bread Pudding with a Caramelized Brown Sugar sauce)

The white chocolate blueberry was exactly how I imagined. It was like the perfect warm blueberry muffin that was swimming in a river of vanilla glaze, because that is really what every blueberry wants.

The pumpkin bread pudding was spicy and all things fall. But the caramelized brown sugar sauce is x-rated all on its own. I found myself taking great care to ensure that no extra bit of sauce was left on my plate.

I think a bread pudding only store is something the world needs. I mean, have you ever been to Schulzies Bread Pudding in Venice or San Francisco? Amazing. They are on to something with their individual bread puddings. I’m a fan. But, when you have Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop that is less than a mile away, and has some of the best cupcakes in the city, I just don’t see the point in coming here for a cupcake.

12:00 am


I firmly believe that macarons are single handedly sabotaging my weight. It’s a conspiracy. It’s like all of the little meringue shells got together and decided that they all wanted to make me fat. They conspired with the buttercream fillings, the ganache, the jam. You get the idea.

Moderation is not something that frequents my vocabulary. It’s all or nothing. Please tell me the truth. And let’s be honest, we are all friends here. When was the last time you sat down with a box of a dozen macarons, and just ate one? You haven’t.

A box of a dozen can fit in your purse. There can’t possibly be that many calories in there. It’s what I tell myself after I mindlessly stick my hand into an empty box of macarons, wondering where they all went. At the same time I am brushing meringue crumbs off my boobs, and cleaning the buttercream from the corners of my mouth.

Chelle’s Macarons don’t make it easy to stop at one or two. They carry flavors like Black Sesame (Which I have not seen outside of San Francisco or NY), Mango Blossom, and Cranbrie (Get it, cranberry and brie? Hello Thanksgiving dessert! Move over pie).

Chelle's Macarons

 (Left to Right: Pumpkin, Black Sesame, Mango Blossom, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate)

What I love about Chelle’s macarons is the absolute perfect meringue to filling ratio. It’s not oozing out of the sides, there is no skimping on filling either. Call me Goldilocks, because it is just right.

Right now you can order Chelle’s Macarons online for local delivery, pick up at the Farmshop Center in Fairview, Four Seasons Market in Richardson, or find them at the Craft Kitchen in Plano. However, I would suggest following them on Face Book or Twitter, because they tend to pop up at tons of other places too.

7:24 pm


There comes a time in every little girl’s life when she has to grow up and be an adult, and do adult things. Admittedly, some days this is beyond difficult because society expects you to go to work, pay bills,  and clean things.

There is one very good thing about being an adult. One thing that can never be taken away from us. If I want to eat cobbler for dinner, no one can stop me.

On multiple occasions I have justified eating the Sweet Corn Cherry Berry cobbler from Birdcage Bakeshop in place of dinner. I mean, let’s break it down here. You have cornmeal (come on, it has the word MEAL in it),  brown sugar, a vital component in sustaining ones fit body, and fruit! Ton’s of fruit. Let’s not forget the delicious balsamic vinegar. Why, if I didn’t know better, I would think this was a salad.


(Sweet Corn Cherry Berry Cobbler and Apple Bourbon Pecan Crisp)

If that cobbler is a bit too fancy for you, don’t worry, Birdcage Bakeshop also does traditional flavors such as peach. But honestly, you never really know what is going to be up their sleeve of flavors.

As a little girl. My mother would always make me eat plain granola for breakfast when most kids got sugary cereal or toaster pastries. Perhaps with a bit of yogurt or oatmeal. Now, as an adult, I feel that I should continue with this healthy path that my mother has carved out for me.  I just use the S’mores granola from Birdcage Bakeshop instead. And since health is so important to me, I made sure to get my oats in twice in one day, by topping my ice cream with the blueberry granola.


(Blueberry and Original Granola, and peach cobbler)

Feeling good about myself and the choices I have made for my body, I felt it justified to indulge in an Apple Bourbon Pecan Crisp now an then. You know, everything in moderation.

And since cupcakes are really just muffins with lagniappe, Birdcage Bakeshop offers some quite unique cupcake flavors. And for those of you not partial to frosting (What is wrong with you?), yes, actual muffins are available too.


(Peach Vanilla Cupcake)

I know, I know. You guys are all gearing up to join me in this healthy lifestyle.  So, where can you get these delicious treats? Right now Birdcage Bakeshop can be found at the Four Seasons Farmers Market in Richardson on Saturdays. Soon, you will be able to get Birdcage Bakeshop treats at the soon to be open Farmshop Center in Fairview. But if you can’t wait until Saturday (I don’t blame you, just bring me some), you can also place an order by email through their website.







5:10 pm

3011 Gulden Ln Suite 117
Dallas, TX 75212


On any given Saturday evening, you can find hundreds of people lounging in the endless stretch of outdoor patio dining that makes up the eclectic Trinity Groves. They are enjoying tapas, or possibility a hookah with friends. Everyone is so relaxed and the vibe is awesome. Around the corner from the main strip of restaurants lies the newly opened Cake Bar. A different vibe on this side of Trinity Groves. People with big eyes, enjoying their sugar high with endless slices of cake. This is where I belong, these are my people.

The line stretches 50 people deep, and wraps past the cash register, out the door, and down the stairs. While we are all seemingly patient on the outside, because we know it is only a matter of time before we will be cake wasted, I am still slightly resentful of all the people in front of me. What if the flavors I want are gone by the time I get up there? So many sugary thoughts running thorough my head. However, I know that I just have to accept my fate and vow to buy one slice of whatever is left when I make it to the register.

With a friend in tow, we made it to the register. I was amazed at the very happy, super friendly woman who took my order. You know she has served hundreds of slices of cake that day, and while they were only a couple of hours from closing, I felt as though I was her first customer of the day. Definitely something that impresses me when a business is this busy.

True to my word, we ordered one slice of each that was avalible. Hummingbird, Key Lime, Wedding, Carrot, Neapolitan, and Apple. I specifically asked (and then double checked) that she understood these slices would be to eat there. Sadly, when my name was called to pick up my order, I had six slices of cake stuffed in styrofoam containers. Maybe they want to heard people out because it is too crowded? Or possibility they didn’t think I was serious. But I assure you, two little girls can pack away 6 slices of cake if we try hard enough.

Slightly annoyed at the presentation of my cake (Nothing is worse than precious frosting sticking to the container). I wanted a plate dammit, with a pretty slice of cake; layers are far as the eye could see. However, I had to pick my battles because I knew those same already tainted slices would just get put on to plates. Plus, there were a good 75 hungry cake-goers in line that I did not want to make angry.

Cake Bar1

(Top Left to Right: Hummingbird, Carrot

Middle Left to Right: Wedding, Neapolitan

Bottom Left to Right: Key Lime, Apple)

We started with the Key Lime, because I adore the pie, and I am pretty sure I have never had a lime cake before. I was hoping that this cake would set the pace for the remaining cakes. Moist lime sponge, tart lime curd filling, and a creamy buttercream with a hint of lime. This was my favorite cake of the bunch.

Sadly, it was downhill from there. Each of the remaining slices were more disappointing than its counterpart before. The sponge was dry in every single cake. Each slice was at a differently level of decomposition. Some even to the point of crumbling away when I stuck my fork in. While the dry cakes are one problem, we also experienced a density problem in several slices.

So, I thought to myself. The cakes have definitely not been sitting out all day. They can’t even seem to keep one under the dome longer than 5 minutes before the whole cake is sold.  No, this dryness is definitely a quality control issue.

I figured that opening weekend was rough, and they needed to work out a couple of kinks. Therefore, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt before writing my review. I went back two weeks later and bought a couple more slices. This time the Strawberry and the Red Velvet.

Cake Bar 2

(Top: Strawberry

Bottom: Red Velvet)

Pleasantly surprised this time, that both cakes were moist, and no issues with overly dense cake. Not a fan of the nuts inside the red velvet itself, but that is just a personal preference. I was surprised by the strawberry cake to be honest. Strawberry has never really been on my list of favorite cake, but this one has changed my mind. It starts with a traditional strawberry sponge (that uses fresh strawberries, and not frozen.) The water content in frozen strawberries make them a bad choice for baking. Add to that strawberry filling, and a perfect cream cheese frosting, and it made me a strawberry cake lover.

I want to believe that Cake Bar has all of their kinks worked out, because a good old fashioned cake shop is something that Dallas has definitely lacked. Curiosity (and the strawberry cake) will have me back, but I want to give them some time to get things running smoothly.

2:51 pm


3011 Gulden Ln Suite 115
Dallas, TX 75212

Kate Weiser needs no introduction, let’s be honest. If you live in Dallas and have even the slightest sweet tooth, you have imbibed in her confections when she was slinging out delicious chocolate at Chocolate Secrets, or now at her new storefront in Trinity Groves.

I happened to be out of town in NYC during her opening late August. I might have even contemplated adjusting travel arrangements so I did not have to wait any longer. But I knew opening weekend would be madness. What if they ran out of things? What if I had to elbow someone for the last mojito macaron or Ninja Turtle Bonbon? Things could get ugly. I have a very light complexion, and orange just isn’t my color.

Finally, my day came. I decided if I am going to do this, I will do it right. I called up the store and had Kate put together one of her delicious looking party trays for me. You tell them the number in your party, and the amount you want to spend. So, I may have ordered a tray that feeds about six….and there were only two of us. You tell me that you can walk into Kate Weiser Chocolate and not buy one of everything.

This tray had it all. Every flavor of macaron, creamy ice cream in flavors such as Ascension Coffee and Lime Mascarpone, a pistachio and cherry macaron ice cream sandwich, caramels, bonbon, and truffles galore.

This was one sexy party tray. I am petty sure I just sat there giving it my best sultry look for a good 5 minutes until my husband pointed out that the ice cream was going to melt if I did not stop making eyes at the treats and just eat them.


(Party Tray)

So, eat I did. We started with the ice cream of course. The Ascension Coffee Ice cream was everything coffee ice cream really wants to be. Bold, creamy, and to the point. The Pistachio Cherry Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich was salty and sweet, and had a delicious surprise cherry center. I do love a dessert with a hidden surprise.

Now on to the truffles and BonBon’s. I saved these for the next day when I got home. I laid them all out with the chocolate guide on my dining room table, so I could line them up in the most desired order. To say that each confection was better than the last is an understatement. You don’t know what you’re going to get until you take a bite. You read the flavor description, and you THINK you know, but you really don’t.  Each treat has a different hidden texture. Whether it is the pate de fruit, the creamy ganache, freeze dried berries, or the layer of white graham cracker, they are all so different.

A few days later, I realized all of my treats were gone. After the initial mourning period was over, I discovered that the new fall menu was up. With a friend in tow, we decided that we MUST have the chai ice cream and the peanut butter macaron ice cream sandwich. (with peanut brittle ice cream you guys!! AND cinnamon banana butter). I am pretty sure that is angeles singing you just heard.


(Chai Ice Cream: black tea Ice cream, cardamon and ginger streusel.

(Peanut Butter Banana Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich: Peanut brittle ice cream and cinnamon banana butter)

The truffles, the bonbons, the macarons. Everything is spectacular, and you really can’t go wrong, but the macaron ice cream sandwiches have my heart. After all, just a few days prior, I was already planning my marriage proposal to the pistachio cherry macaron ice cream sandwich. Well, I am a girl with needs. I see no reason why me and both of these delicious macaron ice cream sandwiches can’t make it work. After all, it’s 2014.



3:49 pm


It’s no secret that I love cheesecake. It was the first thing I learned to bake, and where I found my first true love of dessert.

I tend to stray from cheesecake in my blog posts because I have such high standards for this creamy classic. Cheesecake was the first thing my father taught me to bake. I still have his spring form pan from the 70’s, and as busted up as it is, I can’t make a cheesecake without it.

With my father no longer around, cheesecake is the single handed easiest thing to stir up any kind of nostalgia for me.

When I was looking at Dandelion Cheesecake’s Instagram (Stalking is more like it), I could sense the passion behind the pictures. Between the creative flavors, and attention to detail, I knew I had to try them.

One rainy Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time chatting with Shannon and Scott about their business. I love seeing the light in peoples eyes when they talk about something they are passionate about.

One thing that stuck with me was Shannon talking about how people would invite her cheesecake’s places, but not her; before she turned it into a business. Meaning they wanted her to bake for a dinner party they were going to, or the like. As hurt as I would be too, I consider it a huge compliment that people would turn to a friend who bakes before something professional.

Once they realized they were on to something with their cheesecakes, it was only natural that they start a business because you can’t keep this awesomeness from the people of Dallas for too long. (We do love our sweets).

Shannon’s mom knew how fantastic her cheesecake was, because when Shannon came to her about the business, her mother sold her the recipe. Smart thinking mom, with cheesecake like this, the cheesecake itself could be used as currency. Want to buy a new car? Walk into the dealership with a few Lorraine’s Original Cheesecakes. Maybe thinking about buying a house? Walk into the closing with a Gooseberry and Elderflower cheesecake.

The next thing you know, Dandelion Cheesecakes were born.



(Top Left Bottom to top: Bananas Foster and Pistachio)

(Top Right Bottom to Top: Pumpkin Chai Spice and Lorraine’s Original)

(Bottom Top top Bottom: Ande’s Mine and Gooseberry and Elderflower)

To say it was like Christmas when we were all three sitting in a Coffee Shop off 75 while Scott was describing the flavors was an understatement. Would it be rude to shovel a handful of these tiny treats into my mouth in the middle of conversation? I mustered up all the willpower I had.

Dandelion Cheesecake offers their Tiny Cheesecakes, which are about the size of a silver dollar. Shannon and Scott were going to surprise me with some of their favorite flavors in this adorable handheld size, so I had no idea what I was getting.

Once they described the flavors that they brought with them, I was 100% sure it would going to be a tie for my favorite between the Banana’s Foster and the Pumpkin Chai Spice.

But no!! While those flavors were perfect, and I loved every bite, the Gooseberry and Elderflower were my favorite. The sweetness of the Elderflower, and the tart Gooseberries in that tiny little bite of cheesecake was perfection.

When making the Banana’s Foster cheesecake, they use Brennan’s Original recipe. If you have ever dined on the original Banana’s Foster at Brennan’s, then you will know how important this is. They did not just throw some bananas and brown sugar into a cheesecake batter. The Pumpkin Chi Spice is everything that encompasses fall in one small bite. The pistachio is loaded with that sweet nutty flavor, and topped with chopped pistachios which add a wonderful texture. The Ande’s Mint was exactly what you would except, rich dark chocolate and prominent mint flavor. And finally, Lorraine’s Original. There was nothing ordinary about this “plain” cheesecake. It is simply everything a cheesecake should be, and nothing it shouldn’t. Meaning, Dandelion Cheesecake’s does not use any kind of binder in their cheesecake.

I can’t wait to try more. There are some delightful Holiday flavors showing up on their Instagram the past few days.  I could sit here all day and talk about how much I enjoy Dandelion Cheesecakes, and how you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t place an order. But to make sure you really understand, just know that I would choose their cheesecake over my own cheesecake. This is the one dessert that I bake and have the upmost confidence in, because I have been making it the longest. While I know it is delicious, it is inferior to ANY cheesecake that Dandelion Cheesecake has to offer.

2:37 pm


2364 E. Northwest Pkwy.
Southlake, TX 76092

***Since this post, Yelibelly has opened up a shop inside of Delicious Cakes in Southlake.

Chocolate is such a versatile treat. It has the power to show someone you love them, tell someone you’re sorry, and can even be used as a sympathetic gesture. Whatever the reason to give someone chocolate, you can almost guarantee it will put a smile on their face.

While giving someone a box of chocolate is sure to brighten their day, giving someone a box of hand painted chocolate work of art, may just brighten up their entire week.

When I had the pleasure of sitting down with Yeli of Yelibelly Chocolates, I knew I was going to be sampling some divine chocolate, but I did not realize just how gorgeous these handheld masterpieces would be.

Sure, we all enjoy a factory made piece of chocolate now and then, but wouldn’t you rather have a hand dipped, hand painted box of perfection? One thing I love about small batch-artisan chocolate makers, is that you know they do it because they love chocolate. No one else in their right mind would hand dip and paint hundreds of pieces of chocolate at a time, unless they had a passion for it. I surely don’t have that kind of time and patience, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those that do.


From the simple white chocolate shell with dark chocolate ganache, and the dark chocolate shell with mint chocolate ganache, to the resplendent habanero, or cardamom; there is something here for everyone.

Without a doubt, my favorite chocolate was the clove. It was pure perfection in a piece of chocolate. I am sure I could have devoured an entire box of clove alone. It was spicy and warm, and reminiscent of fall.

At the moment, you can satisfy your chocolate craving by picking up your order where Yelibelly’s chocolates are made in Corinth. If that is too much temptation to be around so much amazing chocolate, Yelibelly offers nationwide shipping, and even free DFW delivery on orders of $60 or more.

If you want more, Yelibelly also does chocolate tasting parties. Get together a group of people, and spend the evening sipping wine and tasting some of the best chocolate the area has to offer. Oh, but be sure to invite me.

So much more is in store for the future of Yelibelly Chocolates, I am really excited to cheer them on, and indulge in some chocolate along the way.

1:37 am

200 E. Main Street
Richardson, 75081


(Clockwise from Top- Strawberry Shortcake, Cappuccino, Birthday Cake, Key Lime, Raspberry, Red Velvet)


One thing Dallas does not have a shortage of is delicious cake balls. Isabelly’s in downtown Richardson is no exception.

While cake balls are definitely the crowning jewel here, Isabelly’s also serves coffee, tea, chocolates, and a few treats made from other local businesses, such as caramel from Dallas Caramel Company.

The store itself is absolutely adorable. It is a shame the rest of that block of Richardson doesn’t have Isabelly’s charm.

Slightly overwhelmed with all of the chocolates and other goodies, I had to make myself focus. I was there for the cake balls, and cake balls only (or cake truffles as Isabelly’s calls them; which sounds much more glamorous than cake ball to be quite honest,. A pretty good variety graced the pastry case on a Tuesday afternoon, so I had no problems selecting half a dozen flavors.

I am positive my favorite was the cappuccino and key lime flavors. The cappuccino had the perfect amount of coffee flavor, without being overwhelming. The key lime had that perfect tart bite, but also did not lack sweetness. My raspberry cake truffle was almost too adorable to eat since it is shaped like a raspberry (not that it stopped me).

The only thing that I would have changed was the red velvet cake truffle; it was coated in milk chocolate. I would have preferred white chocolate, because without it, it just tasted like a delicious milk chocolate cake ball. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious because I hardly remembered to chew it as I was eating it, just not what I was expecting

Isabelly’s also offers brownie truffles. I was dying to try a blondie truffle, but there were none in the case that day. I would be willing to bet a years supply of ball sized bites of cake that they are just as amazing as the cake truffles.

A few pieces of chocolate were added to my box just because Isabelly’s rocks. However, those are a distant memory since I am pretty sure I consumed them before I had time to back out of the parking lot.

If you find yourself in Richardson craving a small treat (or a whole dozen, I don’t judge), Isabelly’s is a must.